Lauren and Phillip

How We Met

We met on a dating site.

how they asked

Phill and I had been talking about getting married for a while. According to him (and unbeknownst to me), he was having a ring made custom around my great grandmother’s diamond. He was planning on proposing to me at the top of the arch in St. Louis during a trip we had planned. However, this summer my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Going through that really puts life into perspective and it was also a very emotional time for us. Phill offered to take me on a vacation to the Bahamas, which happens to be a 30-minute flight from where we live, for the Fourth of July. He wanted us to relax and for me to get away from some of the stress. Little did I know, he had the jeweler speed up the ring design in order for him to be able to propose on this trip. On the first day, we went to a nice restaurant, however, I was a little sad and didn’t even want to take a shower or wear makeup. He at least convinced me to take a shower, thank you Phill!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bahamas

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bahamas

On the way to the restaurant, he asked people at the resort to take our photographs ( I was also unaware of this). During one of our poses, he got down on one knee and proposed! I had no idea!!! Apparently, neither did my family, because they all thought it was going to happen in St. Louis two months from then.

I am so thankful that he sped up the process and brought me the joy I desperately needed and gave my mom something amazing to look forward to. I love you Phill. I am also so thankful to still have my mom in my life as she battles this disease.