Lauren and Phil

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Niagara Falls, ON

How We Met

In 2008, Phil’s uncle was getting married, and we both attended the wedding. A shy Phil asked me to dance during a sappy slow song, and that was pretty much the start of an entrancing romance between us. For a good 6 months, we were head over heels for each other. Taking turns traveling between Long Island and Staten Island to spend weekends together, planning out future together, and just being in love. Then Phil dumped me and I was heart broken.

We both went through our own series of serious relationships with other people, dating, and being single. In 2015, our love story started all over again. Phil’s grandma was in a tragic accident, and our families still being close, it had also affected my family and I. I reached out to Phil to show him that I was still there for him if he needed me, and not to hesitate coming to me for support. From that text on, we were pretty much in separable. Phil’s nana passed away a month later, but I truly believe she was the one who brought us back together and made us both realize how much we needed each other.

From September 20, 2015, Phil and I didn’t go more than a couple of days without seeing each other. We put our best efforts into making the short, but what seemed like extremely long, distance between us not take a toll on our relationship. By the next November of 2016, I got a full time job teaching in Long Island and moved in with Phil. It’s crazy how much can change in a year, and how much you can grow to love someone so much in such a short time.

Another year later, lots more changes, and even more love.

Proposal Ideas Niagara Falls, ON

how they asked

Phil was getting into the FDNY Fire Academy in December 2017, and we decided we would take mini-vacation before the craziness began. We always talked about going to Niagara Falls so we figured the long weekend after Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to go. We splurged on a nice hotel, and booked a fancy dinner at the Revolving Dining Room in the Skylon Tower (785 ft above ground, overlooking The Falls). We arrived in Niagara Falls on 11/24/17 and took the day to do some sight seeing at Niagara Falls and go to the Journey Behind the Falls. It was so exciting and fun and I didn’t think anything would top it. The next day we stayed local did some more sight-seeing, and got ready for our dinner at Skylon Tower. We took the elevator ride up and was automatically amazed at the view and how the whole dining room slowly revolves.

Sitting at dinner, we engaged in some small talk. All the sudden Phil hits me with the “I guess now would be a good time to talk”. My mind starts racing, I start shoveling food into my mouth, because what else am I supposed to do?! He starts talking about the fire academy and how its going to be grueling and hard on our relationships. Now automatically my first thought is “this is a bad way to break up with someone” (hahahaha). Theres a lull in the conversation, I’m still panicking and decide to suggest we point out all the IHOPs we can see from above (clearly food is my go-to). Phil brings the conversation back to our relationship and how even though it’s going to be a tough few months, that we can withstand the struggle and come out stronger than ever, I express that I feel the same way, and reassure him that I’ll be here every step of the way supporting him and pushing him to do his best. I’m starting to nervous again and begin shoveling food in my mouth. Phil looks at my concerned and says “Please put the fork down, I really don’t want you to start choking” and so I comply (begrudgingly) turn to him and he’s holding the ring box in his hand. My first reaction, because I was caught so off guard, was “Is this for real?!” He gives me his sweet, sincere smirk and asks me to marry him. I was so excited, I really did not expect a proposal until after he graduated, but it was the best surprise I could’ve ever asked for. We spent the rest of the night wandering around Niagara Falls, visiting the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, getting a wax figure of us holding hands, and just basking in the happiness of the next chapter we were beginning in life.