Lauren and Peter

How We Met

In March of 2011 I was asked to stand in a friends Sweet 16. Being the “social butterfly” that I am, I knew everyone who was a part of the celebration, so I was surprised when I noticed an unfamiliar face standing in the court. I walked right up to this stranger and I said, “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Lauren!” Nervous and caught off guard, my soon to be husband responded shyly, “Hi, I’m Peter”. The rest of the night I found myself following Peter around like a lost puppy! We danced all night and soon the party was over and that would be the last time I talked or saw Peter again. Fast forward to September 2011, never did I think I would run into Peter again but that night we crossed paths again at a high school back to school dance. We still laugh about it, and I guess you could say it was a “Cinderella moment” but during the dance, Peter was wildly dancing to “Sandstorm” by Darude and lost his shoe! I was standing not too far when I noticed Peter was still dancing with one shoe on, while his other shoe was in clear sight. I walked over, picked up his shoe and got his attention when I noticed that he was looking for his lost shoe. I walked to him and I said, “Hey Cinderella, are you looking for your shoe?” He nervously laughed and then thanked me for picking up his shoe. Later that night I noticed Peter was sitting alone at a table. I guess the dancing got the best of him! Again, being the outgoing person I am, I walked over to him pulled up a chair and said, “Do you mind if I sit with you?” We talked for the remainder of the night and caught up on how we’ve been since that first day we met in March.

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how they asked

On May 18th 2016, I was told that my best friend would be picking me up from my house and giving me a ride to her bridal shower. Being her bridesmaid, of course I was excited to go! I understood that this would be the last bridal shower before the wedding so I knew that I needed to be there to support my best friend. This same day, my mom told me that our parish church received new stain glass windows and our parish priest, also a good friend of ours, asked that my mom take pictures of the windows because they would be posted in the church bulletin for the community to see. Now, fast forward to the evening when my friend is on her way to pick me up for the shower. My mom called me in a panic informing me that she forgot her camera SD card at the house and asked if I could swing by the church to drop it off because our priest was already there and she couldn’t leave. I felt so bad asking my friend to do this favor for me but, of course, she didn’t mind because my church is just blocks from my house and we were running on good time for the bridal shower. My friend parks her car in the front of the church and together we both get off and head to the front of my church where my mom said she would meet me for her camera card. As we walk up the stairs to the entrance of my church, I see a chalkboard sign that reads, “In concert…Peter Cortez” and below that it reads, ” I have found the one whom my soul loves – Song of Solomon 3:4″. Confused and surprised at what I see, I turn to my best friend, tears already filling my eyes, and she motions for me to go inside the church.

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I open the door to the church and what I see next overwhelms me with joy! I see my immediate family to the left and Peters immediate family to the right. My two grandmas are there with smiles on their faces. I walk down the aisle, covered in rose petals and Christmas lights, to a chair that is facing Peter who sits there at the foot of the altar with his guitar in hand.

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He sings me two songs (The Girl by City And Colour and How He Loves by David Crowder Band), while the entire time I sit there smiling, laughing, and crying. After he serenades me and asks me to marry him, he then surprises me yet again by telling me that my priest is there to give us a blessing.

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I was completely blown away by how beautiful everything was set up but having my priest, the one who will be officiating our wedding in the church where I was just proposed to, give us a blessing was the absolute cherry on top of this fairytale-like proposal.

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