Lauren and Patrick


How We Met

Where oh where do I even begin?! It’s pretty scary to think that at the young age of 6 I met my future husband. Patrick, a dorky blond hair boy with a bowl haircut, and me, a tomboy with messy, always unbrushed brown hair with bangs.  We are both from a small town in PA.. And by small, I really mean it.  Our history started before we were even born. Patrick’s’ grandmother and my grandfather use to be dancing partners in 1940s, and Patrick’s dad and my mom were close high school friends (and secretly set this whole thing up before Patrick and I were even born).  Eventually, Patrick and I were born and both went to the same grade school.  We were in the same kindergarten, first, and second grade class together.  I honestly believe with my whole heart that I started to fall in love with Patrick in the second grade.  We were always seen chasing each other around at recess and picking on one another in class. While most 8 year old girls were concerned about boy cooties, I use to day dream and write in my diary about the day I would marry Patrick (I have the proof!). However, after third grade Patrick transferred to a different school.  We saw each other every so often, but nothing more than a hello. It wasn’t until one night in college when Patrick sent me a message telling me how he had the biggest crush on me in second grade.  It was that very moment my heart started pounded. I responded so quickly to the message with “OMG, I TOO had a huge crush on you!” From then on we occasionally talked, however, I was busy with nursing school in Boston, and Patrick was busy being an all star playing football for Penn State. Eventually, we both graduated college and our jobs sent us to different cities. Patrick moved to Chicago and I moved to New Jersey. It wasn’t until over a thanksgiving holiday break that Patrick and I had randomly planned to meet up at a bar.  I was so nervous that I couldn’t even go say hello.  He approached me and we started talking for a bit.  It was as if we picked up just where we left off 17 years earlier. It seems as if from there on I was his and he was mine. I ended up flying to Chicago to see him over Valentine’s Day weekend for our first “official” date.  Everything went perfectly and Patrick officially asked me to be his girlfriend the day after Valentine’s Day! My 8 year old self was so giddy and filled with joy & love.

Patrick and Lauren's Second Grade Class Photo 1998

how they asked

Patrick and I love planning long weekend trips to different cities in the US.  After visiting his friends in Texas in January, it was my turn to pick a location.  Since I had attended school in Boston, MA, my decision was easy. I chose Boston with the hopes of my friends all being able to meet up with Patrick and I while we did touristy things around the city.  Throughout the weekend, it was crazy how perfect everything had gone. From the weather being sunny and 80 degrees, to my friends all being in one location, to us getting the best seats at all of my favorite restaurants.  I could not have been any happier! On Saturday, May 21st Patrick and I had dinner reservations at Boston’s Top of the Hub restaurant. Knowing the restaurant was more on the fancy end of the spectrum, we both decided to get all dressed up.  Before heading to the restaurant I had previously asked Patrick if we could go take pictures with my new camera at all of the best spots in the city. Patrick agreed and we had picked a few locations. Our first stop being my favorite cobble stone street in Boston, Acorn Street (known for being the most photographed street in the United States).  It just so happened that on our way there we saw a man with a professional camera, so I told Patrick to chase after him and ask him to take our picture with my camera.  That’s when Patrick ran down to the man and asked him to take our picture and whispered to him that he was about to propose so if he could please continue to snap photos during the whole thing (THIS WAS NOT PLANNED!). Patrick ran back up to me and we smiled and took a few photos.  Patrick started fidgeting with his blazer, while I fussed with my hair. As I turned back around he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Between the tears, hugging, and kissing, it was all a blur.  I almost lost my balance and fell because high heels and cobble stone streets are never a good combination. After the amazing proposal… IT WAS NOT OVER YET! Patrick and I walked to the restaurant and ended up waiting at the bar and having a champagne toast since our table wasn’t ready.  Once the table was “ready” we were heading towards it and that’s when incontrollable tears fell from my eyes. My parents and Patrick’s parents were all seated around the table. They had all flown to Boston that morning just to be there for dinner with us.  At that very moment, I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world!

The Proposal

In Shock

Kissing my FIANCE!

My Boy and My Bling

In Shock!