Lauren and Patrick

How We Met

We met many years ago and have been friends our whole lives. Our parents are from a small southern town and actually dated in high school, college and were engaged, but broke up before his Dad joined the military as a pilot and met his Mom. They always remained friends and our families stayed close. (I actually called his grandmother my granny and loved her so much!) We remember meeting for the first time in middle school when I had gone to visit Granny and Patrick opened the door. We became friends-he even accidentally chaperoned my first date unknowingly. I left the country for a year-long humanitarian trip, and when I came back he asked to see me. When I saw him I knew things were different. He was all grown up and the most handsome man I had ever seen. He said he had always loved me since that first day when we were kids.

Lauren's Proposal in Paris, France

how they asked

We now work together, and he booked us a trip to Paris for vacation last week. While standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and gazing up, he told me to turn around. He was on his knee with the most beautiful smile and look I’ve ever seen. He asked me to be his wife, and I’ve never felt more right about anything in my life. Our parents are so, so thrilled we finished what they started so long ago.

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

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