Lauren and Niko

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

How We Met

On March 29, 2019, scrolling through Tinder, I came across a cute guy, who’s profile said he was from California. Immediately attracted to him, and interested to see why he is now on the East Coast, I swiped right. To my surprise, we were already a match. He reached out immediately with the sweetest, unique, loving message.. “hey, what’s up”. And truly, the rest is history. A whirlwind of love.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

Lauren and Niko's Engagement in Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

Proposal Ideas Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

Lauren's Proposal in Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

Where to Propose in Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA

How They Asked

My birthday is July 29, and this birthday was a special one – my golden birthday. I was turning 29 on the 29th. In the midst of our whirlwind of falling in love, I told Niko I wanted this birthday to be the best day of my life, as I have been waiting for this special golden birthday for 29 years! And he did just that.

On July 26th, we left the East Coast to visit his family in California. Meeting family, exploring coffee shops, walking around San Francisco, In-n-Out… I thought we had done it all, but boy was I mistaken!

The 29th rolled around, and Niko had the entire day planned. We woke up in Napa Valley, where we took a lovely, romantic bike ride around the town, sipping on wine at 9:30 am. We got ready and then headed to Vermeil Wineries (a past Philadelphia Eagles coach who owns a winery in Napa. Niko loves me with his entire heart.. the Philadelphia Eagles are an extreme close second). It was just the two of us for a romanic wine tasting, creating memories we will never forget.

After the birthday girl had too many glasses of wine, we headed back to San Francisco to spend the rest of my birthday. We checked into a hotel… Hotel Nikko to be exact. Yes, my fiance is THAT cute. We got ready and headed out. Still unaware of what was about to happen or where we were going, I was just happy to be with Niko in that car, driving around San Francisco. I truly did not think anything could get better…

Up and up we drove, to the highest point in San Francisco – Twin Peaks. STUNNING. We got out of the car and began to take in the breath-taking views. After snapping a few pictures (and making sure my dress didn’t fly up because of the crazy high winds), Niko mentioned a spot to get an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked over, hand in hand. Niko turned me around and began to drop to one knee. To say it was the most wonderful, surreal, romantic experience of our lives is an understatement.

After about 5 minutes in utter shock and excitement, we unlocked from our embrace and looked around at our surroundings. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two men taking photos of us! Soon to find out, it was Niko’s best friend (shout out to Luis!) and a random stranger Luis met while setting up at Twin Peaks (again, shout out to the random person that took our picture – we are forever grateful).

After our magical moment, we called our families and friends, who were anxiously awaiting the call. We headed out to a beautiful dinner to celebrate our engagement with delicious food and champagne.

A few short days later, we traveled back to the East Coast, the happiest we have ever been. We are planning a Fall 2020 wedding, blissfully happy and eager to begin our lives together as husband and wife. Cheers!

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