Lauren and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I met on Halloween when we were out at the bars with friends. I was dressed as Marie Antionette, pink hair and all! Nick was dressed as a Soviet Soldier in fatigue head to toe. I saw him from across the bar and decided to approach him because I couldn’t figure out his costume. “What are you? A communist?” I asked. “What are you? A princess?” He asked back. I corrected him that I was actually a queen and we then introduced ourselves. We spent the night talking at the bar while our friends danced and at the end of the night he asked for my number. We went on our first date a couple of weeks later and have been together ever since!

how they asked

Nick is a teacher so for his fall break we planned a trip to Washington DC. I have family in DC and have spent a good amount of time in the city. He had only been for a class trip so we planned to visit all of the touristy spots.

I love planning things while Nick tends to be more spontaneous. Leading up to the trip, Nick told me not to plan anything except I could choose one that that we could definitely do. I chose a French restaurant and left the rest to Nick.

We arrived in DC late Wednesday and Nick wanted to see the monuments first thing Thursday. We started at Washington, made our way to Jefferson, and finally ended up at FDR’s memorial. As we walked, I explained that FDR was my favorite President and how I admired Eleanor Roosevelt, and rambled on about the New Deal (poly sci minor).

As we made our way through the memorial, Nick mentioned that we should have our photo taken. This struck me as odd because he never wants our photo taken. After mentioning it at least 3 times I finally agreed. He asked a young couple to take our photo in front of a waterfall with the most stunning crimson tree in the background. They took a few photos and tried to hand the cameras back but Nick asked that they continue shooting.

I tried to pose for another photo but he turned to me, grabbed my hand, and dropped to his knee.

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He pulled out the most beautiful ring and with tears in his eyes asked me to marry him. We then called our families and celebrated at the French restaurant I had mentioned. Nick later told me that he hadn’t planned anything and was just waiting for the perfect moment. The proposal could not have been more perfect!

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