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How We Met

Nick and I met in 2014, at my previous employer. He was good friends with the girl who sat across from me and would often come in to see her and use her discount. I don’t remember him being as present until the fall, as he came in more frequently then. He asked me to a Christmas party that December, and then our first date was in January. I loved beginning 2015 with him, as we got to experience the entire year together, all the holidays and everything, in order. I can’t believe it will have been 2 years dating him, at the end of this month!

how they asked

My boyfriend, Nick, and I will have dated for two years, as of 1/24/2016. He thinks that somewhere along the lines of us dating, that I said “if you don’t propose before our 2 year, I’m dumping you…”. Now my side of the story is a little different, but either way, he came through!

I am a Dallas Fashion Blogger for and around the end of November/beginning of December 2015, a photographer that I often use, contacted me to do a Christmas photo shoot. She asked if Nick and I were available to do a couples shoot for her most recent project of Christmas Couples. I happily obliged because Written Shutter’s pictures are always great and I think you can never have too many pictures!

On the day of the shoot, December 13, I was still nursing a bad sinus infection. My mom made me get up and go to urgent care, where I ended up getting a steriod shot and an antibiotic. I had been feeling miserable all weekend, so it’s good that she coerced me into going! Nick and I spent the Sunday apart, which is odd, as we are usually inseparable. He picked me up for the shoot, about a quarter ’til 4 and off we went. He seemed a little stressed, but I just thought it was because we were a little behind schedule, as I asked him to pick up some mistletoe for our shoot, prior to picking me up.

We arrived at Arlington Hall at Lee Park and Written Shutter Photography was already there waiting for us. We began our styled shoot, complete with macarons and milk and Christmas straws to boot. As we finished shooting that scene, Ashley, our photographer, said “I need to change my battery”, which was actually code for Nick to go get the ring. (He was wearing a tailored suit, so I would have noticed the box, if he had had it before that moment).

When he came back after “adjusting his sleeves”, he began dancing with me. I didn’t think anything of it, because he dances with me anywhere, anytime. He proceeded by asking me “I have a question for you. How confident are you that I can keep a secret from you? This isn’t just a photo shoot. I asked Ashley to be here.” He then told me all the reasons he loved me, ending by getting on one knee and popping the question.

Written Shutter, of course caught everything on film, which I love. Pictures are one of my very favorite things! We then took literal “engagement” pictures, but were cut short of how many I wanted to do, as we had a reservation somewhere. He ended up taking me to Eddie V’s, which is where we had our first date! My family was there, along with one of his sisters and some of our close friends. It was the perfect evening!

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