Lauren and Nick

How We Met

I remember the night like it was yesterday. Eight years ago, I was working as a bottle waitress at a bar in New Jersey. I actually wasn’t supposed to work that night, but I took the shift anyway. My boss at the time switched my section from the back of the bar to the front and I was not having it, no one ever wanted the table by the stairs. So I rolled my eyes, put on a smile and sucked it up for the night. I walked over and met one of Nick’s best friends first. I remember thinking, “Please let this guy have cute friends, it will make the night go by faster.” One by one, his friends had started to show up and most of them had girlfriends. Bummer. I started pouring drinks for everyone, and all of a sudden I heard this loud voice behind me, “Where’s the bartender or whatever she is, I need a drink!” I slowly turned around and without missing a beat with my snarky Brooklyn girl attitude, I said, “Excuse me? You mean bottle waitress?” He was stunned he got a response like that, so he laughed and said, “I guess I need to talk to you!” Throughout the night we would joke around, he introduced me to all of his friends and accidentally spilled his drink all over me! He later admitted that he thought he had blown his chances with me because of that! I brushed it off and said it was fine I’ll clean it up no problem. The night went on and he asked me to take a picture with him so, “We could show our kids one day.” I happily obliged and took the picture, little did I know I’d be sitting here talking about it eight years later in our first house together. The bar was closing so the girls and I started cleaning up, Nick approached me and after a few drinks finally asked me for my number. I put my name with a smiley face and number on his phone and told him to get home safe. And the rest is history.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The original site of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx

How They Asked

Fast forward to eight years…Being together for this long, the conversation of marriage and kids was brought up multiple times. I always told Nick, whatever you do just make sure my family and friends are involved, he definitely listened. One day Nick told me he bought Yankee tickets for a Saturday game. He’s a HUGE New York Yankees fan. I was always a baseball fan, but it wasn’t until I met him that I became more of a fan. We both grew up playing baseball and softball, and he was just so passionate about it that I loved to go to games with him. My younger sister and her boyfriend had flown in from Florida for the weekend, and I thought nothing of it. The night before the game, my sister was sitting in my room while I was packing a bag for the city the next night. I told her we were going to a Yankees game and spending the night in the city, which is a pretty normal occurrence for us. I started to analyse my outfit choices and was instantly fed up, nothing fit, and I didn’t like the way certain things looked on me. Our night consisted of typical sister talk, friends, drama, and silly inside jokes, but little did I know she was in on the whole thing. The next day as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed everyone in the house was acting very strange. My stepdad whom I am super close with told me to bring a jacket because it was going to be chilly. If anyone knows him, they know that he never says anything remotely close to that. It’s usually something sarcastic followed by a dry joke. He and I share the same sense of humor, so I made a comment back, he laughed, kissed me goodbye and said have fun I’ll see you tomorrow. I drove to meet up with Nick at his parent’s house, parked and walked in.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The original site of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx

Nick was standing at the kitchen sink scrubbing his sneakers clean and sweating. I looked at him, laughed and said, “What are you doing, your sneakers aren’t going to get any cleaner silly.” We had our usual funny banter, got our stuff and left. Halfway into the city, I started to not feel well. The bus ride in was terrible and normally I can deal with it, but this day for some odd reason the driver made me so sick. We finally got to the city, sped walk to the hotel and checked in. I asked Nick why we were rushing and he said we had to meet Hani at Billy’s (my old boss from the bar I worked at who we’re now best friends with). Normally when we go to Yankees games, we swing by Billy’s Bar first and have a couple of drinks, grab a slice of pizza next door for dollar slices, hit the game and then end the day at Stan’s Sports Bar, our favorite bar.

Lauren's Proposal in The original site of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx

We finally get to the Bronx and head to Billy’s to meet our friend. We meet up and the guys decide to take a walk over to the location where the original stadium was, which is now a little league field. Nick said he wanted to stand where Babe Ruth stood. I was reluctant to go but they wanted to make a quick stop. Now, any true Yankees fan knows the location of the original stadium was where all the legends played. Players like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle all played on this field. So we made our way to the infield, and I noticed these kids playing baseball. I saw Nick walking towards them so I told him not to walk into the middle of their game, and I got the typical Nick response, “Come on! It’s fine they won’t mind.” Hani and I started taking goofy pictures right where Derek Jeter played, reenacting his infamous mid-air catch and joking around, which is pretty normal for us. Somehow I made my way to home plate and Nick asked Hani to take a picture of us.

Right as I was about to smile, Nick stepped away from me and I noticed a photographer pop up out of nowhere! Nick started talking about how he told his college roommate, our friend Danny, that I was the girl he was going to marry. It was all over from there! I started ugly crying and everything! Every emotion, every happy tear, I felt everything. He even surprised me with a Yankees jersey with his last name on it, which he said we could use for the wedding. Isn’t he just the cutest?

He literally thought of everything. Just when I thought that was the only surprise of the day, we headed to the stadium and I started calling my family but NO ONE was answering! I was so frustrated, one of the biggest moments of my life and everyone was ignoring me. Nick said the tickets we had, gave us access to the Pepsi lounge where we could get drinks at the bar and hang to watch the game. We walked all the way to the Pepsi lounge and as soon as I opened the door, I heard a bunch of people screaming, “Surprise!” I was at a loss for words, Nick had bought my cousins, my sisters, and a couple of our friends tickets to the game to surprise me after he proposed.

Once we were all together, we made our way to the seats. I thought the surprises were done for the day, but Nick had one more trick up his sleeve. After the fifth inning, I was told to pay attention to the jumbo screen in center field. I turned around and on the screen, it said, “The Yankees would like to congratulate Lauren & Nick on their engagement!” Later that night he told me how he’s been planning this for months and my entire family knew. I always tell Nick, I couldn’t have planned that day any better myself.

He thought of every little detail, from flying my sister and her boyfriend into getting my cousins, friends, and family involved in the entire process. He told me how he and Hani scoped out every location, how they were going to get me to the field and even how he took my dad and stepdad to dinner to get their approval a month before. Going to Yankees games will always hold a special place in my heart. So when we’re old and gray, we can take our grandkids to that exact spot and show them where he made me the happiest girl in the world.

Special Thanks

Kadyr Leger
 | Photographer