Lauren and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met a few years ago at work and had instant chemistry. The timing was never right and we were always dating other people but remained friends. Our bond grew after working together for almost a year. When we were both finally single, we went on our first date and never looked back.

How They Asked

We had planned a trip to Kansas City, Missouri where Nick is from and to finally meet his entire family. We traveled with his parents and took the first morning on our trip to visit Union Square. As his parents paid the meter for parking, Nick began to pull me towards the buildings to show me the area. We ended up in a quiet, small cute park overlooking the city. As we’re walking I kept saying “we’re leaving your parents, let’s wait for them!” but Nick kept on walking.

Lauren and Nick's Engagement in Washington Square Union Park Kansas City, Missouri

Parks are our thing, we love walking through parks and nature preserves, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary that he would want to show me a park in the area. The park was empty, with the exception of this woman taking photos of the scenery. I got a weird feeling and immediately checked Nick’s pockets for a box or any hint, but saw nothing. I continued to enjoy the views and the woman with the camera started to approach us, and I kept looking for a box in Nick’s pocket.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Washington Square Union Park Kansas City, Missouri

As soon as I knew it, Nick was on one knee telling me how much he loved me! Turns out the ring was in a small bag, so nothing showed in his pocket! :)

Special Thanks

Kaelani Michelle
 | Photographer