Lauren and Nicholas

How We Met

Nick and I went to high school together in 2004. We were a part of the same group of friends but never had any interest in each other (he was immature-typical). Six years later, Nick grew up and we started a 4 year long distance relationship between Ohio and Michigan. September 2014 we decided to move to Chicago together! It was our first time living in the same state!

how they asked

We went on a vacation to California in September 2015. We drove down the coast over a 10 day period. We spent our first day in San Francisco. We ended the night by going to the Golden Gate Bridge. We took our touristy photos and couple selfies. There was a lady near us taking her own photos. Nick asked her to take a picture for us on his phone. She took a few then offered to take some on her nice fancy camera and email them to us. I thought nothing of it and said sure! We did a few normal poses then she requested we stand back to back. I went along with it but thought “this is strange”. Next, she told us to do the James Bond pose. After doing that pose she requested us to turn around and do something else. When I turned around Nick was down on one knee! I will never forget the look in his eyes! I don’t remember what was said but I will never forget his face!

The random lady that was taking our picture was actually a photographer Nick hired before the trip. She captured the rawest and purest emotions! September 17, 2015 is the best day of my life…so far

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