Lauren and Nicholas

Lauren and Nicholas's Engagement in Nashville, Tennessee

How We Met

Nick and I met in March of 2014. I had just dropped out of college and moved in with my mother and he had just got back stateside after completing his contract with the Air Force in Afghanistan. Nick had this ease about him and confidence that I had never experienced before. I felt I could be 100% myself with him… goofiness and all. We spent the first 11 days together and on St Patrick’s day he asked me to be his girlfriend. The next few years were filled with ups and downs and a 3 week breakup even. But I always knew Nick was The One. There was just something about him I couldn’t shake.

how they asked

We were living in Nashville at the time and had just gotten back from a 3 day trip to Chicago where we had the absolute BEST time. It was amazing. We love traveling together and this was probably our favorite trip. The food was great, weather was perfect and the local breweries were awesome. I was a production coordinator at a wedding venue and had been involved in weddings for years so I was starting to get antsy and I felt the proposal coming. I would often vent to my best friend and tell her all the weird little things Nick would do like lightly rub my empty ring finger when we held hands. My suspicions were growing when he got upset about a package being missed while we were gone.. a package that had to be signed for. My best friend told me not to worry about anything. My birthday was coming up and she reassured me it was just gonna be my birthday present in the mail. Not THE ring. So I blew it off. The next day she is begging me to get our nails done and she even offers to pay (as an early birthday present) and I agree to go… The nail color I picked ran out so they offered me one very similar.. I looked at the bottom to read the witty nail color name and it was “lifetime partner” I chuckled and showed Kim and she thought it was silly (knowing full well I would have a ring on my finger in a few short hours). We went to a networking event that was a total bust but I still wanted to stay for cheese and wine. Who wouldn’t? But finally Kim was able to pull me away from the cheddar and we made our way back home. I got a text from Nick that he was taking our dog, Etta James, to the dog park and Kim squealed saying she wanted to go too and pet all the puppies (my MOH y’all) so we went together to the dog park. We met up with Nick and were all talking casually when I sat down on a concrete ledge and overlooked the park. Kim took a phone call behind me and Nick stood in front of me, eye level, and started talking. He talked about how much fun we had in Chicago and how he loves traveling together and how he wants to do it for the rest of his life. I agreed to everything… then he said “I want to struggle with you and succeed with you for the rest of my life” and he went into his wallet where my perfect ring was sitting and I started bawling. He asked “will you do me the honor and be my wife” and I cried “of course!” And I look to my right and my best friend, Kim, was not on the phone. She was taking pictures and video the whole time. It was the most perfect moment for a suspicious dog loving Nashvillian. I’ll never forget it.

Lauren's Proposal in Nashville, Tennessee