Lauren and Nate

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I come home from work just like any other day, Nate is anxiously awaiting for me to come talk to him in the living room and he says that he has something to tell me and starts tearing up. He then goes on by saying he won us a free vacation through the radio station Nash FM. I couldn’t believe it! We went out to celebrate that night and for the next month it still seemed so surreal.

We packed our bags and headed to the beautiful island of Turks & Caicos. I’ve never seen or felt an ocean as blue and beautiful. I was in my happy place that’s for sure. On that Saturday, September 24, we met up with the crew from Nash FM to hit one of our items on the agenda, which was “getting pictures of the contest winners.”

We make our way to the beach and they start snapping pictures of us and then Jess goes ok let’s take one more, and as the sun is setting beside of us, Nate gets down on one knee and pops the big question, will you marry me Lauren Brooks? I couldn’t believe it, I had so many thoughts running through my mind, but the only thing I wanted to do was say YES! Him and I were both so nervous that he kept reaching for his pocket to pull out the ring (3 times to be exact) and then I gave him the wrong hand to put it on LOL.

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The best part of it was that they got it all on video, you can hear the waves crashing in the background and see the beautiful sun setting. We both felt as though it was only us on the entire beach, we were so in the moment, after I said yes, we start to hear people clapping on the beach and we snap out of it and realize that other people were able to witness the best moment of our lives. We start taking pictures and all kinds of selfies. Then we realized that oh crap we should probably let our families know but by that time almost the whole world already saw our proposal live when NASH FM posted it on their Facebook page! Our phones were blowing up but it was time to celebrate. We had our engagement dinner right on the beach where your feet were barefoot in the sand and enjoyed a nice seafood dinner. And the rest is history…❤

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