Lauren and Morgen

It was Morgen’s sister’s birthday and his family had planned to celebrate by going to dinner and then going back to their house to have cake and open presents with my parents and some family friends. At the time I didn’t notice how nervous and clumsy he was being…there were so many signs! When we got back to his parent’s house his sister sat down and began opening her presents. Morgen was being so pushy wanting his sister to open her presents faster and began to get more flustered as more presents began to pile up for her to open. Once the presents were all opened, Morgen started to get the cake prepared with candles and in the process burned his finger and almost knocked the cake over (he was so nervous)!

We all ate our slices in record time thanks to Morgen’s impatience and once finished, a game of charades was suggested. FYI…I am TERRIBLE at charades and was surprised when Morgen wanted me as his teammate! The first team went and Morgen and I were the second team. He began to act out the movie he was given by getting on one knee like he was proposing!

I immediately shouted out “The Proposal”! The next thing I knew he was holding the most beautiful ring! He told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then asked if I would marry him. I was so shocked! I couldn’t get the words out! All I could do was nod my head “YES”!