Lauren and Mike

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How We Met

6 years ago, Mike and I met through work in Kansas City, MO. While we were only friends when we worked together, we decided to start dating several months after I left the department. We bonded over our love for travel, as well as music. We were at a new concert at least every month, ranging from Country to Indie music and more.

With Mike working in medicine, his training led him to Michigan, in which we did long-distance for a year while I lived in Kansas City. After he completed training, we took a two-week island hopping trip to Greece to celebrate and soon after moved to Dallas, TX, where we reside now. We’ve been together almost 5 years now!

How They Asked

A couple of my friends wanted to plan a girl’s wine trip to Texas wine country in Fredericksburg, Texas. I was unsure about going since I had a lot going on, but eventually, they convinced me to go. We drove down there in late October, planning to spend a day checking out several wineries. My friends booked us a photographer for a friendship photoshoot, a tradition we started on previous trips. Our photo shoot was at our first winery stop of the day. After arriving and grabbing a glass of wine, we started taking photos of the beautiful vineyard.

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Our photographer led us to the fountains, where there was live music. It took several nudges from my friends, but eventually, I noticed Mike standing behind me. He was holding flowers and a sign that read “Lauren, Will You Marry Me?” Shock flooded me as I read the sign and walked up to him. We joke now that apparently, I didn’t technically say “yes”, instead I immediately stuck out my hand to have him slip on the ring. After he proposed, the romantic live music continued on, and cheering from all of the people watching surrounded us. This was a moment I would never forget.

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It turns out that all along Mike had been working with my friends to plan this trip with the intent to propose to me. While I was completely caught off-guard and had no idea it was going to happen, it doesn’t surprise me the amount of love and thought that Mike poured into making the moment so special. Cheers!

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