Lauren and Mike

How We Met

Early 2015, we were both single and using a dating app that matched us with each other. After talking a little on the phone, we subsequently figured out that we lived directly across the hall from each other in the same building of the same apartment complex! If that isn’t fate…! We hung out a few times and within a few weeks, we were inseparable! We went on to date for a couple of years, and during that time, we moved into the same apartment, we made plans for our future, and we traveled!

Lauren's Proposal in Vizcaya Gardens in Miami FL

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Vizcaya Gardens in Miami FL

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Vizcaya Gardens in Miami FL

how they asked

TFor our two year anniversary, Mike took me to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, FL during a week’s getaway. It was a beautiful mansion on the waterfront with amazing views. We walked down a path into a secluded gazebo overlooking the mansion and ocean. I turned around to find Mike on one knee holding out my engagement ring and I start jumping around and screaming like a spaz! People were clapping in the distance as I said ‘yes’ and hugged him!

The manager came around the corner with two glasses of champagne and brought us to a private deck where we were able to relax and soak in our engagement. It was beautiful, perfect, completely original, and very thoughtful all on Mike’s part! The unfortunate thing is that my phone with over 200 photos and videos of our amazing proposal was stolen ours after our engagement. Luckily, Mike had a few photos from after the proposal on his phone. Thus, our professional engagement photo shoot meant a lot to us!

Since that time, we have purchased our first home together, traveled and made future plans to travel to new places out of the country, and have now been together for three and a half years! We are so happy with our wedding date and how much time we have to plan and enjoy our engagement! 2019 is our year!!

Special Thanks

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
 | Staff helped make this day amazing!