Lauren and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met our senior year of college. My friends made me go out to hang with some friends on a night when I was starting to get sick. I should have been in bed at 9pm but for some reason I decided to go with them. We all met at a house with a bunch of people and I probably only knew a couple people there. I made eye contact with this cute boy and within seconds he came up and introduced himself. I was super shy but was so excited that he came up to talk to me so we didn’t have to continue making 7th grace glances at each other. Once we left the house to go out we hung by each other the rest of the night. He got my number and texted me a couple days later to let me know that he had a great time with me and would like to do it again soon. We were basically inseparable ever since!

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Lauren and Michael's Engagement in Dallas, TX

how they asked

Michael is from Dallas, TX and we spend a lot of time there when we go to visit his family. He started our engagement day by taking me to our favorite breakfast spot. The waiter brought me the sweetest love note to start the day about going there the first weekend I met his family. After breakfast he took me to my favorite store and let me shop for a new dress to wear to dinner that night. He told me we had reservations at a nice restaurant and that I probably should get something new for the evening (no complaints there)!

After we shopped and got the perfect dress we headed to Kylde Warren Park for a couple drinks and listened to the cutest little folk band outside a popular restaurant in town. We went to that park the day after we had gone and looked at rings for the first time. The next place Michael took me was a lake that we spent one of our first memories in Dallas together. He had set up the sweetest picnic with wine, cheese and a beautiful view. We spent the afternoon talking about those first memories we had together as a couple and how crazy how far we had come.

After the lake we headed home to get ready for the evening. We got all dressed up and headed to dinner. After dinner he told me to guess where we were going next. (More surprises?!) He told me it was a place I had always wanted to go in Dallas but hadn’t had the change yet. I immediately knew where he was taking me and the butterflies rushed to my stomach. He took me to the top of Reunion Tower which was the perfect place to go to look at the amazing Dallas Skyline. When we got to the top of the tower he asked me to go outside. My first reaction was… outside?? heck no! We are too high up to go out there, I just wanted to look out the window where it was safe. He insisted on going outside so I obliged.

Outside was the sweetest set up with champagne and photos and of course a beautiful view! Michael took me by the hand and I immediately knew what was happening. I cried the ugliest girl cry and watched as my sweet boyfriend became my sweet fiance.

I wish I could remember what all he said but it is all a blur now. After he proposed we walked around the corner and all of my family from Kansas City and his family were waiting for us. We all headed out to an after party where our close friends and family all gathered to celebrate with us. It was the most amazing night and every time we see reunion tower we remember that special moment in our lives.

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