Lauren and Micah

How We Met

We both served at the same restaurant through college. We had been coworkers for about a year before we even started dating. One day he asked me if I wanted to come see his new apartment, It was the first time we had ever hung out outside of work. We kept seeing each other but didn’t want any of our coworkers to know. I told my coworkers (who were also all of my close friends in our small college town) about this new guy I was seeing, I made up a fake name and everything (the name was Todd, which I will never forget). We finally came clean when things got serious, you can imagine their surprise when I told them they have actually know “Todd” all along :).

how they asked

Our favorite place to be is at the cabin. It’s so remote, there is no cell service. The perfect getaway. One weekend we were there and we were off in the woods on a four wheeler ride. He told me he wanted to look for morel mushrooms. I found him kneeling behind a tree. We carved our initials in the tree and can’t wait to show our kids someday where it all happened.

Image 1 of Lauren and Micah