Lauren and Matthew

Matthew’s family has gone on this family vacation all of his life. His entire family gets together in OBX every year, rents a HUGE house and plays on the beach for a week. There are generations after generations under one roof. (30 people this year)I have had the pleasure of joining this vacation for the past two years. This past year Matthew told me his job was restricting all vacation time during the months of June and July. Therefore he was not going to make the family trip this year. I was so sad but he kept insisting that I still attend with the rest of his family. So I went. I texted and called him all the first day and kept telling him how much I missed him. At dinner time one of Matthew’s cousins asked to talk to me about a very private matter so I followed him down to the beach to talk. Just as I approached the beach Matthew called. I answered and spoke briefly to him. I asked where he was and he surprisingly announced that he was behind me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I ran and jumped in his arms crying with pure joy that he was able to make the trip. I was so excited to see him I didn’t even notice him get down on one knee and without any hesitation he said those few words I had been wanting to hear from him for so long. He had to ask twice because all I could say was “is this real?” Once I said yes we made our way back to the beach house where we surprised his family that he was on the trip and double surprised them when we announced our engagement.

Image 1 of Lauren and Matthew