Lauren and Matt

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How We Met

It all began ten years ago in high school when we met through a mutual friend. We would hang out together and go for random country drives that lasted for hours. We knew that we loved each other long before we actually started dating. After four more years of friendship we decided to take a leap and see where things would go; we finally gave our friendship that we both felt could be more than a friendship a chance.

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how they asked

After almost three years of dating he asked me to join him on a work trip and meet him Baltimore for the weekend and he mentioned that we could take the train into Washington D.C. for an evening. The last time that we were in D.C. together was for the huge snow storm of 2015. I met him in Baltimore and we took the train into D.C. He picked the stop that we would take and then we grabbed dinner and walked to the Capitol Building. After admiring the Capitol and reminiscing about the last time we visited there we made our way to the Lincoln Memorial, which is our favorite memorial. We wandered around for a bit and then made our way up the stairs. While on the stairs we stood in the spot where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. After taking that moment in we made our way into the memorial and just stood there in awe of the amazingness of the memorial and the significance this man made. Matt then led me to the middle of the entrance of the memorial between the columns and asked a guy to take our picture.

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Right when the guy was about to take our picture I realized that I had stepped in a piece of gum. Mood Killer! But, Matt managed to keep his composer and then grabbed my hand and brought me back in so we could get our picture taken. The very next moment my life changed forever. He got down on one knee and held up a ring and said,”Lauren, will you marry me?” Time stood still. I responded with,“Of course!” Everyone at the memorial stopped and clapped. A lot of people walked up to afterwards to congratulate us. We spent the rest of the evening at the back of the memorial watching airplanes land while we enjoyed our moment. We did not want that night to end.

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