Lauren and Matt

How We Met

I met Matt after I had given up finding someone, surprisingly on Tinder. He was my first date, and last. We dated for about 5 months. I’ve never found someone more loving and adventurous that keeps me on my toes!

Lauren's Proposal in Moose Lake

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Lauren and Matt's Engagement in Moose Lake

How They Asked

One day he took me out in the boat, said he needed pictures for his sponsors. So his friend Alex came with and was taking pictures of him fishing. Matt asked me to fake net a fish for him for a picture. As I’m over the side of the boat trying to make it look convincing, he said my name, I turned around and he’s on one knee pulling a ring out of his pocket. I couldn’t believe it!!!

The happiest moment of my life. Never thought I would find a partner in crime who loves me the way he does.