Lauren and Marshall

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend. We both were at a concert together. We exchanged a few words then separated. A couple of weeks later, we matched through Bumble. The instant conversation was happening and exchanged numbers quickly. On date one, Marshall states that he knew he was going to marry Lauren. We had three dates and then have been inseparable ever since! Now we have a little family with our mini Australian Shepard, Josie.

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How They Asked

It all started when our best friend, Annie Redmond, FaceTimed me on the morning of July 17, 2020. She said she was looking for something fun to do that afternoon. Annie and I were both teachers and had some flexibility with time. Marshall called me during his lunch break and said he was getting off early. I had a hunch that this engagement may be happening soon. But he threw me off course when he said he was dying to see some owls that his co-worker saw at Pioneer Park. Marshall was an owl-lover! Some may say owl-watching expert! Annie, Marshall, and I were in a group chat. Marshall convinced us that we could do something fun after he saw some owls. Annie picked me up on that hot afternoon and we headed there. Annie was a trooper as I complained about going to a hot park to see owls. We get to the park. I’m looking everywhere for some owls.

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..none in sight! Then I share with them that they can see my late friend, Claire Gresham’s family donation bench. A backstory on that is that she passed away unexpectedly in March 2019. She was one of my best friends. We go through the park and get to the bench. Annie and I plop down since we are hot. Marshall is silent. I’m still searching for owls.

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Then as I stand up and state, “There’s no owls here, can we leave?” I turn around to find Marshall on one knee. It was beautiful even as we stood next to a playground taped off due to COVID. Marshall stated afterward, “I knew Claire and Annie were some of the first two people you called so I wanted them both here with us”. There was a lot of ugly crying and celebrating after during this COVID engagement.

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Special Thanks

Annie Redmond
 | Planner and Friend photographer