Lauren and Laine

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how we met

Laine: We were both working at the YMCA as supervisors at separate schools, so I had the pleasure of admiring Lauren from across the conference table at least once a month during supervisor’s meetings. We were always friendly with each other and always asked how each of our school’s were doing, and we even threw in a little trash talk whenever there was a competition between the schools. After some time, we had both volunteered our time to work for the Miracle League with our mutual friend and boss, Dan. After several failed attempts to get everyone together for a drink, timing worked out and we finally got a chance to talk to each other. We hit it off right away and laughed the entire night away until closing time.

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The next day, I couldn’t get Lauren off of my mind, so I asked her out. From that day forward, we’ve been inseparable! We can count the days we have not seen each other since that day on one hand. All of that time spent together built up and led to me coming up with a master plan to surprise the love of my life.

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how they asked

Lauren: In the beginning of August, Laine kept saying, “August is going to be a big month”. Without thinking much of it, I agreed since we were closing on a house and taking a trip to Tennessee. We ventured to Nashville to see the total solar eclipse, and we spent the first few days exploring everything the city had to offer (mostly food). On the day of the solar eclipse, we went to Fontanel, where there was an event for the eclipse. We spent the whole day hanging out anxiously waiting for the eclipse to hit totality. As the time winded down until the totality, we got up and began looking up as the moon completely covered the sun. When we took off our glasses, the entire sky was dark!

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We sat there in complete awe discussing how amazing the eclipse was and how glad we were to have taken the trip down to experience this. Laine began to mention again what a big month August was, and he finally got to tell me why as he got down on one knee!

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I began to cry with excitement as I stumbled through my words, and somewhere in that jumble was a “YES!” Laine got up from his knee as the sun came out from behind the moon and lit up the sky once again. We embraced one another, both with tears of joy in our eyes, and let the moment sink in.

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