Lauren and Kyle

how we met

Although we ran in similar circles for years, we didn’t officially meet each other until November of 2017. Our mutual friend had invited Lauren on a trip to Croatia that Kyle was planning, and she showed up at the infamous Doc Holliday’s to see if this group of people would be tolerable for a week on a boat.We circled each other like sharks in the bar, trying to determine if the other was interested, and once we started talking, a love developed between us that would only continue to grow.

how they asked

Kyle made a plan to grab coffee with Lauren at our favorite coffee spot in the East Village in Manhattan before strolling through Tompkins Square Park on their way to brunch with friends. As they walked through the park, Kyle surprised Lauren. He paused and got down on one knee in the place that they first held hands on the night that they met.


Special Thanks

Nikk Nguyen Photo
 | Photography
Merit Coffee
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Austin, TX
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