Lauren and Kyle

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How We Met

We first met in college at Marquette University in Spring of 2014. We had a few classes together and studied in the same area of the engineering building. We had a few mutual friends and we started talking after meeting each other through our friends.

The first date came about as we were contacting each other over long distance as I stayed in Milwaukee after graduating and was working full-time there, whereas she moved to Irvine and was working there as well. I eventually said that I wanted to come visit her and have her take me to see the ocean because I had never seen it before. The first day we went to the beach and ate local foods and saw some of the other sites in the OC (like Newport and Laguna). The next day we spent more time at Newport Beach and then we went out downtown later that night. We walked the beach after that and the rest is history.

How They Asked

I decided to pick Newport Beach as that is where it all started. Newport Beach is a place that will always be in our hearts and I wanted it to be a sentimental moment to remember how far we have come in our relationship from our first kiss on the beach. I chose this time because I think that we are both ready for the next adventure in our lives. I do think she will be surprised and I think she will love the sentimental value of it too.

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