Lauren and Kory

How We Met

I met Kory my senior year of high school. He went to our rival high school, so it was like I was talking to the ‘enemy.’ I fell head over heals for this kid & I eventually had enough courage to ask him to our school’s winter formal dance.

Image 1 of Lauren and Kory

He luckily said yes, but eventually we stopped talking. Still so infatuated with him, I just hoped that one day in the future we could reconnect. Fast forward 2 years, Kory & I reconnected when I was in college and it was like the feelings never went away.

how they asked

Kory had suggested we go on a duffy boat ride, like we had in the past. We had so much fun last time we did this & didn’t hesitate to say yes! We drive down to Balboa close to sunset and hop on a little boat. We start cruising around the harbor and enjoying the nice weather on Memorial Day weekend. After making a few loops around different parts of the harbor, we start making our way towards Lido bridge. He turns off the boat and tells me he just wants to hang out in that spot. Little did I know, he was making sure all my friends and family were on Lido Bridge and ready for what was about to come.

Right after we passed under Lido Bridge, he told me to close my eyes because he had a present for me. He gets up and walks towards the back of the boat. My first thought was ‘who’s going to drive the boat?!’ so I hopped to the other side of the boat and attempted to drive the boat while he pulled out his guitar. At this point, I was so confused what was happening, but then he told me he had written a song for me.

Image 2 of Lauren and Kory

As he’s playing the song he wrote for me, I’m attempting to steer the boat, but I’m definitely not going a good job! haha As he finished the song, he reached into his guitar bag, pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Image 3 of Lauren and Kory

Image 4 of Lauren and Kory

Boats had crowded around our boat and were cheering for us, but the biggest cheers were coming from the crowd on Lido Bridge. When I look up, I see all of my family and friends. At this point, the tears and flowing and my smile is from ear to ear. I couldn’t be more excited to marry my best friend and see all the people I love supporting our future together. If I had told my high school self that one day Kory would propose, I wouldn’t believe it, but now all my dreams have become a reality.

Image 5 of Lauren and Kory