Lauren and Kevin's Sweet Garden Proposal


How We Met

Lauren and I met in college at Grove City while we were on the same committee of our school’s freshman orientation (her senior year and my sophomore year). We became friends because two of our closest friends were dating. In jest, we would imitate them when they would hold hands or take a photo as a couple. It’s funny to look back on it knowing we became a couple soon after!


how they asked

I always wanted my proposal to be a surprise. Whatever other details were involved, this was the most important to me. Lauren and I knew that we wanted to be married, but when gears started moving to plan the proposal, I kept the plan secret.

I went to the William Paca House a week before the proposal to figure out the small details: Was it available on Oct 16th? Where should I stand? What time of the day should we arrive? Should I get down on this knee or the other? There were a lot of things to think about. I posed the idea to Lauren that we would visit the garden as a possible wedding ceremony venue, and she thought it was a great idea. Yes!

We wandered down the pathway of the gardens, meandering into each side section, and I tried my best to pretend like it was my first time seeing the garden. We were talking about the beautiful trees, the flowers, and picturing a potential wedding – all the while my heart and mind were racing. I had spent the day praying and preparing what I wanted to say to her. We turned around to walk back up the path and continued talking, most of which I barely heard.

When we arrived to the spot where I wanted to propose, my mind went blank. All the words I wanted to say, about how excited I was to marry her and how thankful I was that God blessed me with such a wonderful woman, were gone! I bent down on one knee, told here I loved her, and asked her to marry me. She said yes, and for a moment it felt like we were the only two people in the world!







After calling our families in excitement, we went to my house where our friends surprised Lauren with a backyard party! When the day finally arrived, everything went better than I could have planned, and she was indeed surprised!




Special Thanks

Victoria Selman