Lauren and Kevin

Proposal Ideas Walt Disney World

How We Met

Kevin and I first met in 2011 playing xbox360 online together. We would talk nearly every day with our group of friends (including my boyfriend at the time). Flash forward to 2013, I was engaged to be married and Kevin was meant to be the best man. Through some terrible circumstances the relationship ended in 2016 and I was devastated. Kevin shared with me slightly before there break up that he had been in love with me for the past couple of years. He was one of my very best friends and his support, love and encouragement got me through this terrible time. I wasn’t sure if I thought of him that way or if I wanted to potentially ruin our friendship. So I dated other people for a period of time. It wasn’t until our first trip together in Disney May 2017, that I let my guard down and realized that I did feel the same way that he did. He asked me to be his girlfriend on August 20, 2017.

How They Asked

For my 30th Birthday, I planned a trip back to Walt Disney World with my parents and Kevin, end of February to the beginning of March. Unknown to me, Kevin had asked my parents and my brother for permission to marry me and he had planned to ask on our Disney trip. Sadly the second day of our trip, my dad had a heart attack and went to the hospital for treatment. He spent 3 days in the hospital. Also, unknown to me, my mom and dad told Kevin to go on and he could propose without them. Kevin wanted to wait until my Dad was out of the hospital for them both to be there.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

After our lunch on the last day of our trip, my dad finally was able to get to the park for his 3rd day. We decided to go over to the castle in the Magic Kingdom for us to at least get pictures in front of the castle. My parents got a picture together, the four of us got a picture together and then Kevin and I. After our picture was taken, Kevin turned to me and said “I have a question for you” (a phrase he says to me often). So I say yes and look at him as he goes down to one knee you can see my reaction. I was so surprised.

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