Lauren and Kenan

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How We Met

I met Kenan through a mutual friend! One of my friends from high school met Kenan on a business trip in college. She hung out with him in a big group, and thought we would be cute together! After my friend told me about this guy, I decided to follow him first on Instagram. A couple of months after that, and I commented on one of his posts first. We then started talking over Instagram, and he asked for my number. A month went by after he had my number, and I still hadn’t heard from him. Finally, he texted me and we organized our first date! Our first date didn’t go well…it was just super awkward. It was so bad we didn’t even talk for close to a month after that! Then, out of nowhere, I texted him one evening asking him to go to a sporting event with me. That date went SO much better, and the rest is history after that!Image 1 of Lauren and Kenan

How They Asked

We were in Newport Beach, California, on a trip with my family. Kenan and my dad had it planned to go to a fancy dinner one night sometime during the vacation (as I would be dressed up for dinner and not just wearing my swimsuit). However, I thought we were going to a fancy dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday. That’s what they kept telling me! So we go to dinner, which was one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever been to. Then we took a walk on the beach afterward on the way back to our rental house. The sun was setting, and it was a beautiful night. Kenan told me he wanted to take a picture with me at sunset, so when we got closer to our street, we took our picture.

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While we were taking our picture, he turned me towards him and proposed to me right then. I always told Kenan I wanted a secret photographer at our engagement. I didn’t think he was going to propose to me on this trip, because I didn’t think he would organize a local photographer to take pictures.

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Little did I know, he actually did organize something! However, the day before he planned to propose, the photographer texted him, telling him she was 8 months pregnant and was starting to have contractions in the evening and couldn’t make it the next day.

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