Lauren and Justin

How We Met: We met in high school and we were just friends, until the night Justin graduated and had the nerve to ask me out! Now, we have been dating for five years.

how they asked: The week Justin proposed I was swamped at work. I was coordinating my friend’s wedding happening the next weekend and went to lunch with her Friday. I had spent 3 hours talking about her wedding and my mind was totally preoccupied with my friend’s wedding.My sister asked me to meet her at my favorite park in town to take some “facebook pictures”. It was a completely weird suggestion but I went with it anyway not really thinking about it. When I got to the park we walked out to the old house and I noticed a boy with flowers. I thought to myself how exciting! I get to experience someone’s big moment!! We took a few more steps and I looked up again and realized it was MY boy with a bouquet of red roses and daises! It was MY big moment! He got down on one knee, asked the question, and of course I said “Do my parents know about this?” :)

When he said of course! I said YES!!