Lauren and Josiah

Image 1 of Lauren and Josiah

How We Met

We met on Twitter in August 2013 while we were still in high school! We met in person for the first time on Nov 3, 2013 – my 17th birthday. And he took my on our first date Nov 29, 2013. We dated long distance for nearly 7 years, seeing each other about once a month. He did most of the driving to come see me. Finally he was able to move to Pittsburgh for us to start our lives together in August 2020!

How They Asked

We’ve visited Phipps the last 4 years to celebrate my anniversary. I have always loved it there. I’m in grad school for audiology and he is an audio engineer by training so we both have an interest in acoustics and sound. There is a circular area in the garden that is completely quiet. So his plan was to do it there. But due to the pandemic the outside area was closed this trip. I could see him trying to figure out what to do next now his plan was ruined! So we finished the last room, where all these beautiful lights are that are typically in the outside area. He pulled me to the side, there was no one around and asked me to marry him. It was absolutely perfect. After, we bought an ornament that has Phipps hand painted on it as a keepsake for our special memory. It’s now my favorite ornament.