Lauren and Josh

How we met: Josh and I’s love story has been 12 years in the making. Although we were from the same town, went to the same high school and even had mutual friends, we never had interacted. Our paths finally crossed when we worked at the same summer camp as counselors. I couldn’t tell you how it happened, but I can tell you that there is something magnetic about Josh that just draws people to him, me included. I was 19, Josh was 20 and most of our time out of camp was spent together. It was during this time that we attended our first DMB (Dave Matthews Band) concert together. I distinctly remember swaying to songs with Josh’s arms wrapped around me. As the summer came to an end so did our summer romance. Josh was going back to school and long distance was not something we were going to attempt.

Through the years we always remained friends. We were both in our mutual friend’s wedding party, ran into each other at different social events, and of course every summer saw each other at at our local DMB concert.

About a year ago Josh had seen I had been to a new sports bar in town and in typical modern fashion, reached out to me on Facebook. He asked that the next time I go to let him know he’d like to try it out to. Although I was newly single I thought nothing of it. A few weeks later we were heading over for brunch and I invited Josh. He actually cancelled going to brunch for his grandmother’s birthday in order to tag along. I got to the restaurant first and told my friends that someone was coming to meet us…i emphasized “he’s just a friend”. Well, 8 hours later it was obvious to us both that there was still something there. That was a Sunday. We saw each other everyday for a week after that. Right away we both knew this was it!

how they asked: Josh had surprised me with extremely hard to get tickets for the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds concert in Oakland California. After months of anticipation and constantly checking my countdown timer the weekend was upon us. Our hotel was about 12 blocks from the theater and Josh was sweating the entire time despite the 50 degree weather (I later found out why). The venue was beautiful, our seats were amazing and there was an electricity in the air. Before the concert started I turned to Josh, with a smile and said ” Tonight couldn’t be more perfect”! He kissed me and suggested we take a picture. He handed his phone to the couple two rows behind us and as I reached for him out of the corner of my eye I saw him get down on one knee. My heart was practically beating out of my chest! He simply asked “Will you marry me?” and I answered with a resounding “YES!”. That was the only thing I remember clearly. At that moment I couldn’t hear the clapping around us, see the flash of cameras or even look at the ring. I was so focused on the man of my dreams making me the happiest woman in the world!

Image 1 of Lauren and Josh