Lauren and Josh

How We Met

We actually met way back in preschool. Then we went to elementary, middle, and high school together. Honestly, we kind of hated each other at first. It wasn’t until our freshman year of high school that we started being cordial to each other, and our sophomore year that we finally started dating. As strange as it seemed to us that we could possibly be attracted to each other, apparently everyone else in our lives – friends, family, parents, teachers – collectively let out an “about time” when it happened. Quite the shock for us, but we couldn’t be happier. We’ve gotten to experience so many life events together already, and we’re barely out of college. We went to prom together, graduated high school together, went to college together, graduated that, got our first jobs, moved in together, got engaged. It’s one of the most incredible things in the world knowing that you’ve shared so much of your lives together already.

how they asked

Josh and I always make time for weekend dates, whether it’s dinner and a movie or just walking around the mall. So I wasn’t surprised when he asked if I wanted to go ice skating that Saturday. It was finally warm enough and I’d never been to that rink. We borrowed some skates from his sister and headed down. As soon as we laced up though, we realized they were too small. Still, we stumbled a few laps around the rink, fell a few times, and mocked each other’s clumsiness. When we couldn’t stand anymore, we opted for walking around the lake ogling the gorgeous houses, imaging which one we would want if we had a few million to spare.

Since neither of us had been to the Walker Art Center in a while, we decided to poke our heads in and see what snarky comments we could make. I couldn’t see it then, but Josh tells me he was trying desperately to find a quite place to take a knee. Unfortunately the museum was filled with kids and he couldn’t find anywhere for us to be alone. Instead, as we were driving to dinner, he pulled over at this musty old book shop, one that I’d be wanted to check out for a while, Midway Books.

It was completely deserted inside, as to be expected on a college campus on a Saturday night. I spent a hour combing through the shelves, thoroughly pleased, none the wiser that Josh was hopelessly trying to get my attention. Finally, tucked into a back corner on the second floor, he asked me if I had had a good time that day. Of course I had, I told him as I sorted through another shelf. Thinking back, I know his voice was shaking. I could hear it then, even if it didn’t really register why. When I turned around, he was already on one knee, a little black box in his hand.

I know this is supposed to be when you start tearing up and crying and responding yes yes yes, but all I could say was –

“What are you doing?”

It’s his favorite part of the story, how I told him to get up, put that away, are you really doing this now? He loves it. He loves how caught off guard I was, how my mouth hung open, how I couldn’t really say anything so all I did was nod over and over again until he got up and hugged me. It suited us, so much so. I couldn’t imagine it happening any other way. We sat up there in that little bookstore corner for a while before finally deciding we should leave.

And I still got sushi.

Image 1 of Lauren and Josh