Lauren and Josh

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How We Met

Josh always jokes that his mom is is best wingman! I was almost 13 yrs old and my mom had just started working with a new kindergarten teacher.. It was the end of summer our moms needed help setting up the class room and this would be a chance for me to meet my moms co workers family! Little did I know, this would be the start of Gods amazing plan.

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Josh always says the second that he saw me he thought I was so beautiful and that he heard God clearly say “you two are going to do big things one day.”… I remember he was SO funny and I kept feeling so nervous because I was talking to a high schooler! A year later I fell involve with his song writing and music.. he was in a band and I thought it was THE COOLEST thing! We started dating my 8th grade year and getting to go to a homecoming dance as a middle schooler was so fun, we have memories of high school that we will cherish forever. Fast forward to now, over 8 years later, Josh just became a firefighter paramedic and he always said this was a career that he was only working towards so he could support me some day. “this is all for us” he would say. I cant believe how blessed I am to have a guy with that mentality. It’s truly amazing.

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how they asked

A few years ago Josh had written a song about me, this wasn’t anything too new since he stole my heart at the age of 12 with his music BUT this one was different.

I could tell he was spending a lot of time writing and making it “perfect” because our amazing wedding videographer friends agreed to help us make a music video for his song once it was recorded! I was excited and thought we would have a lot of friends in the video with us but Josh just wanted it to be special and said it should be just the two of us. He suggested we film hanging out by one of our favorite lakes as well as driving in his truck – we have SO many memories of the adventures we have taken in that truck and all the fun music we blast while driving.

SO…… the day was full of amazing shots.. I’m a model and I youtube so I’m pretty used to being on camera which is why Josh thought this would be the perfect proposal idea!

Well…. He was right. Josh and I ended the video in the most beautiful field…. Walked a cross a bridge that had been decorated with the my favorite flowers and little candles. It was a dream! Then he said our favorite bible verse Jeremiah 29:11.. said a few more heart felt words and THERE HE WAS ON HIS KNEE. It was so special because he remembered two things I would LOVE to have when it came to a proposal… a video of it so we can look back on the day and my photographer friend to be there to catch it all. And she was!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Rora Film co.
 | Videographer
Rachael Consaul
 | Photographer