Lauren and Josh

How We Met: We were introduced by mutual friends around 4 years ago. We texted for like a week or so but it didn’t end up going anywhere.

Fast forward 6 months later I was at a New York Knicks game at MSG with my roommate. We were looking down at the court and I spot Josh sitting behind the basket and turn to my roommate and said ” I think that’s that boy Josh, do you remember him?” She was like I don’t know, it might be. Then, the quarter ended and one of the players threw a half court shot and it bounced and Josh stood up and caught the ball. I happen to witness that so I took out my phone and texted him ( and he hasn’t seen my name on his phone in 6 months) ” NICE CATCH”. After that text we starting talking again and immediately started dating. Have been in love ever since!

Our first picture taken together :

Image 1 of Lauren and Josh

how they asked: It was Labor Day weekend and the plan all along was Josh and I were going up for the long weekend to my lake house in the berkshires with my family. We drove up to the lake early afternoon and got there around 6pm. Josh immediately gets out of the car and opens the door and says “Come with me, I have a surprise for you.” I say okay and walk with him around the outside of the house. I then see my boat decorated with lights, a blanket, love pillows and white rose petals. Josh said we are going for a date night boat ride. I was surprised he knew how to drive the boat! I was so proud!

It was the most gorgeous time of the day and the sun was still out but setting soon and it was warm. We stopped in the middle of the lake and we sat at the back of the boat and then he got down on one knee and proposed!! Then I noticed a family friends boat coming over to our boat and in it was a photographer that Josh hired to capture the moment.

Josh and I get back to the house and my parents and his parents were on the dock. Everyone was so happy and excited. We then walk up to the house, I open the door and all my closest friends and family were there!!!!! I was hysterically crying and so so surprised! My family and his came from all over and my friends flew in and drove up! It was amazing!! We celebrated that night and the whole weekend. It was the best weekend of my life not only because it was in the most special place with incredible people but I also now get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing guy in the world.

Image 2 of Lauren and Josh

Photo by Eric Limon Photography