Lauren and Jordan

How We Met

Our story started back in 2004. He was a sophisticated, TSN and CNN loving, book reading, emotional and somewhat moody boy and I was a young, eccentric, social and all-around-bubbly girl. We met in the basement of a mutual friend’s home and from that point we grew up together, attending the same church and youth group events. We’ve had moments where we disliked each other (only momentarily, of course!) we’ve had moments where we wronged and forgave each other, we’ve laughed at and with each other, and ultimately, we’ve fallen in love with each other.

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In 2013, while completing his studies as a teacher, Jordan began a videography company based in Winnipeg Manitoba. I saw the developments of his business on Facebook, but we never really connected much, we were just friends who had drifted apart. It wasn’t long after my high school graduation that Jordan reappeared, having done volunteer work with the same youth group that we attended together. Jordan was a couple years older than I was and we both had other relationships, but before long, those relationship were over and we found ourselves hanging out more and more. It took the better part of six months before he finally asked me out, but on a cold night, while skating on a frozen river in the middle of Winnipeg, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said “yes.”

It took around 9 years in total, but, to make a very long story short, we realized that we were better together.

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how they asked

Through the course our relationship, Jordan became extremely aware of my detective abilities when it comes to “guessing” presents and “accidentally finding out about” surprise parties. Knowing this, he knew our engagement would have to be meticulously planned and well hidden from myself. The fact that we founded a Winnipeg wedding videography company, Prairie Film Co., together gave him a great excuse. On September 6th, 2015, he had informed me that we had arrangements to film a promotional video for good friends of ours who are Winnipeg based Wedding photographers. They were taking engagement photos for a couple and wanted us to get action shots of them at work so that we could compile an “About Us” video for them. Little did I know that he had set the whole thing up up, and the we were the main subjects. After a short shoot he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.. AND I SAID YES!

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