Lauren and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jon and I met on an airplane, who would’ve guessed?! We worked a trip together when we were both based in Minneapolis. We kept running into each other in our crew room, and he eventually had the courage to ask me out on a date! I thought he would never ask!! I am from Tennessee and was living in a cold Minnesota at the time. Jon is from Minnesota, so when it was time to decide where to go for our date, I thought Cracker Barrel would be perfect! He had never been, and I hadn’t had southern food in some time. Turns out, he loves it, and we go there every month on the 23rd to celebrate.

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how they asked

We are now based in Detroit and work almost every trip together. We were working together on our anniversary and Jon was doing his normal pilot routine on our last flight of the night. He began briefing the cabin on the duration of the flight, the weather at our destination, etc. I was standing up front in my galley, fairly close to him, preparing my First Class beverages. Next thing I know, he’s making an announcement about how it was our anniversary, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me!!

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He then got down on one knee, in the gallery, in front of all of the passengers and asked me to marry him!!!! In the video, you can’t tell but I’m jumping up and down, and crying from excitement! All of the passengers on board came up and hugged me, took pictures, and congratulated the both of us. Hands down the best day, and flight, of my life! I have to add too, this happened while we were on the ground in Detroit, not in the air. Also, we were early to our destination!

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Our Video