Lauren and Jonathan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our Apartment

How We Met

Jon and I met in medical school. We had both recently moved to Michigan to start our path to becoming doctors. We started off as study buddies, but one night on Halloween, our relationship blossomed into much more! From that moment, we were inseparable. He was truly my rock through medical school and my support system on the hardest days. I can’t imagine having gone through the process without him!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our Apartment

How They Asked

Back when Jon and I were dating, we always talked about getting a dog one day. We had picked our perfect breed – a miniature Australian shepherd. While some people talk about the names of their future children, we would always talk about the name of our future dog.

I often work 28-hour shifts for my job, which leaves Jon with a lot of free time to get into trouble. After one grueling shift in the ICU, I was at home trying to sleep. My mom called me to tell me she and my dad were coming downtown to run errands for the day and asked if I wanted to meet them. I’ve always been a bit stubborn, and when I’m tired it gets even worse! Instead of meeting them, I decided to stay home and sleep for a few more hours. I was laying in bed when I heard the front door to our apartment open. I called out Jon’s name, but he didn’t answer. I was getting up to get out of bed when the sweetest little puppy ran over to me.

I saw Jon walk in after her with my parents and two sisters. He introduced me to the puppy, Miley, and put her on my lap. Of course, I was sleep-deprived and delirious, so I cried and asked if we could keep the puppy. Jon turned around her collar and showed me the tag, which said: “MARRY ME?”. I then started doing what my sister would call “ugly crying” because I couldn’t believe I was getting my dream puppy and a ring on the same day. I had always imagined my engagement would be one where I was looking my best, but I got engaged while still in bed and in my pajamas after working 28 hours, and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day. We can’t wait to make out little family official in May!