Lauren and John

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How We Met

There I was, at the bar waiting for coworkers to arrive for a dinner. I sat there and flipped through my phone like any ordinary moment. As I looked up, I see her walk through the doors, a bit surprised as she was an unexpected guest, but most welcome. She was introduced as Lauren, a name which would not leave my memory. We sat and had dinner that night and all I could do was avoid trying to seem so eager. As the night closed, we spoke barely a few words to each other, but still, I had this instinctive feeling that this would not be last time that I would see this enchanting woman. Months went by and as the Winter turned into Spring, I found myself crossing paths with her every day. Once in the hallway, nearly walking into her, she dropped a paper plate and I picked it up for her and was rewarded with a beautiful smile and a gracious “thank you” before continuing my day. Later in the week, crossing paths once again and exchanging smiles, We could not escape each other.

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I found myself coming up with excuses to be in her building more and more until I finally found the courage to ask her to lunch. It would be the perfect time to get to know her and see if we would be a great match. I was nervous and continued to check the time before our lunch a thousand times. We sat at lunch and conversed about different things. She told me about her family and how close they were and I discussed mine and how much they mean to me. We set a time for another date just three days later. There I was, once again, waiting at the bar of a restaurant, stirring my Old Fashioned, nervously waiting. I looked up and saw her once more, Lauren with a smile that could bring any man to their knees. We sat and talked for what seemed like an eternity. Once dinner was complete, I reached in and held her hand. She squeezed mine back. Right there, I knew she was genuine. When we walked back towards the bar, we sat by the fireplace and I saw a moment, almost as if it was the last moment that I would ever have with her, and pulled her close to me for a kiss. From that moment on, I knew things were going to be different and fate had something in store for me.

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how they asked

Working with the concierge at the resort, I planned two months prior to select the location, time of day, and coordinate with the photographer (Stephanie). They did a fantastic job finding just the right spot underneath an oak tree just far away enough to give us privacy. After their suggestion, I purchased Firefly lights to be placed in the spot underneath the tree for added effect. From there, I gave the ruse of weekend getaway in August to enjoy the last days of summer and relax at the spa. Just a few weeks before, I asked for her parent’s permission and they were overcome with joy. When we arrived at the resort, we explored the town, relaxed at the spa, and enjoyed each other’s company. That evening, I had arranged to have dinner at Olivella on the resort property. The plan was to propose before our reservation right as the sun set. Stephanie emailed me to let me know she was setup and ready for us.

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The concierge had also contacted me about a guitarist that would be close by and if Lauren had a special song. I instantly responded to Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars” and asked if he could play it. As we walked to the restaurant, I was getting nervous, as I was not sure how the setup was going to play out. I kept thinking to myself, “What if someone is standing there or what if I drop the ring?” All these thoughts went through my mind as she looked at me with concern because she noticed I was acting off. As we walked down to the location, they had the area setup beautifully, and I held her by the hand underneath the tree.

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I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out the Journal that we use to write to each other (I had purchased this journal for both of us to write in 10 months prior and document our relationship thoughts and feelings). In it I wrote about how much she meant to me and since we had been together, every day of my life has been better than the last. It ended with “So….”, after she finished I got down on one knee and pulled out the box, opened it, and asked if she would marry me. She said yes and as I placed the ring on her finger (It fit perfectly), “Lost Stars” was being played. I gave her the biggest hug that I could ever give and kissed her forehead. It was the best day of my life, thus far.

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Special Thanks

Stephanie Godfrey
 | Photographer
Sarah (Concierge)
 | Planning