Lauren and Joe

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How We Met

I’ve always been a firm believer in two things: movie quotes and fairy tales. Luckily for me, our engagement day included both. The first time I ever hung out with Joe was my freshman year at The University of Iowa. He walked into the room quoting Mean Girls. “She doesn’t even go here!” I knew immediately he was the one for me.

how they asked

For those of you who don’t know us, Joe and I have been dating for just over 7 years when we got engaged. Joe knows I’m a sucker for a good sunrise and the Chicago skyline, so on Saturday, July 9th, we planned on watching sunrise at Adler Planetarium. The day before my dad texted me asking if him and my mom could come with us which in my mind was totally normal because my life is a constant double date with my parents and I love it.

Rewind to forever ago when I told Joe my only request for our proposal (other than my nails being done) was that it was photographed. I didn’t care if someone had to hide in a bush- I needed the special moment to be captured because I knew I would blackout in excitement during the actual proposal. Flash-forward to my dad’s request to come with- he’s pretty much a professional photographer so that worked out perfectly! Since I obviously didn’t know this was going to be the morning Joe proposed to me I was just looking forward to a beautiful sunrise and some great photos of the Chicago skyline for my blog. The perfect set up.

Sunrise took a bit longer than expected due to some large clouds rolling in over Lake Michigan and I could see Joe nervously fidgeting around with his watch trying to figure out the exact moment the sun would peak out from the clouds.

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Since my parents were there, I asked them to take a photo of us while we waited for sunrise. Joe knew I was getting cold and little did I know, he had a sneaky plan up his sleeve when he put my leather jacket around me. After we took a photo or two Joe backed up and asked me to wait by the shore as he got something out of his backpack. While ruffling through his bag in the grass he exclaimed, “WAIT, I PUT THE DIAMOND IN THE COAT! AND I PUT THE COAT ON HER!” Classic Titanic movie quote. When I stopped to think about what he said he was walking back towards me and pulling the ring out of my coat pocket. The rest was a beautiful, tearful, happy blur.

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We celebrated our 7 year anniversary shortly before getting engaged at the Shedd Aquarium by playing with a penguin and two beluga whales for the day. They even made it to our engagement (the big round building in the left of our photos is the Shedd)!

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I am beyond happy and blessed that I get to call Joe my fiancé. Our day was truly a fairytale… What girl doesn’t want to be proposed to in the most picturesque location in her city with her family there?! It was a dream come true! I might still be dreaming because it hasn’t hit me yet.

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After our picture-perfect proposal and tear-filled hugs with my parents we went to breakfast… Mind you it was still 6am so we had to wait until a breakfast restaurant opened! After breakfast we made our way back to Joe’s house for a post-sunrise engagement power nap then headed back to Lake Michigan to his family’s boat.

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After that we went to a friend’s pool party where we were lucky enough to celebrate even more with some of our close pals.

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Later on we went to Joe’s grammar school’s carnival to continue the fun with more family and friends. The night ended back at Joe’s where we had our friends over to conclude the festivities. Luckily for me the following day I had my cousin’s bridal shower so I could show off my gorgeous ring to my entire family. 20 bottles of champagne, tears, hugs and a lifetime of memories later JOE AND I ARE ENGAGED! We had the most amazing fairytale weekend together celebrating with our families and friends. My left hand feels heavier and my heart feels more full than ever.

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Special Thanks

Bob Mazor
 | Photographer