Lauren and Joe

How We Met

I always say, Joe and I simply needed an excuse to meet. Although we had several mutual friends, worked out at the same gym, and were practically neighbors growing up, we actually met on in the summer of 2014. Joe asked me out for a drink at Coco Cabana’s but was convinced I would stand him up with my busy schedule. We ended up meeting that night, not realizing what an impact it would have on our lives. Before we knew it, we had closed down the bar and couldn’t wait to see each other again. Several days later we went out for our first date to a Giant’s game on July 1st.

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how they asked

I had to work for a couple weeks in Dublin, Ireland in the beginning of May 2016. After I finished working, Joe and my parents met me in London for a long vacation. We explored the British Monarchy before taking the Chunnel to Paris for just over a week. Several days into our Paris adventure, we went for a picnic at the Luxembourg Gardens, one of my all time favorite spots in Paris. After the picnic, Joe asked me to explore the grounds. As we walked up to a private spot overlooking the gardens and pond, Joe turned and said, “We’ve shared New York together, we’ve shared Boston together. We’ve shared London and now Paris together, will you share forever with me? Will you marry me?” As he got down on one knee, I was completely shocked. Once my brain caught up with what was happening, I cried a bit… ok, a lot, and said, “Yes! Of course!” After a bit of celebrating in the gardens, we headed to tour the Eiffel Tower and toast champagne. Joe designed my dream ring and the perfect surprise proposal. The next day, we met with a Paris-based photographer he had setup and took engagement photos. We finished our French adventure at the Love Lock Bridge and came back to the states a very happy, newly engaged couple. I’m still amazed at how many surprises he was able to get by me! We will be married on July 1st, 3 years after our first date. We can’t wait to celebrate our love with our friends and family!

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Special Thanks

Catherine O'Hara
 | Photographer