Lauren and Joe

Lauren's Proposal in Hewlett Harbor, NY

How We Met

Let me start by saying that I am a High School Physical Education teacher. Six years ago I was taking a professional development class for my job. During this class, I was introduced to the teachers who were new hires. This is where I first met my future husband. He is middle school math and science teacher.

Five years ago was when we met for the first time. I had been teaching in the district for a year and he was one of the new hires. We became quick friends and two years later it would become so much more. On to our engagement… PERFECT. That is how I would describe my proposal story. In March of 2016, Joe and I had our first date. We ate dinner and then I asked eating him to show me around town. I had just moved to a new town (that he happened to live in) and was not familiar with the area. We ended up in Hewlett Harbor admiring all of the mansions. We stumbled across one that was being built right on the water. We decided to get out of the car so that we could sit on the dock and talk. This is the moment that I knew he was the one. For the last two and a half years we would drive by the house to see the progression of the work they were doing. Needless to say, it is stunning. I’ve always busted his chops about not kissing me that night. I guess he was just waiting for the right time.

How They Asked

On December 21st, 2018 he kissed me on the steps of that same mansion… after asking me to marry him!! It was a real-life movie. Not only did he have someone taking pictures, but he also had a limo waiting. We went on a scavenger hunt to all of our special places. He had the SWEETEST notes hidden at each stop. Our first stop was at the place we had our first date. The second stop was the school that we met. The third stop was a place that sells our favorite lobster rolls. My last find was on the Long Beach boardwalk.

This is special to us because over the last two years that town has been our home. After reminiscing about our love story he said that he wanted to get drinks to celebrate at a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the ocean. To my surprise, most of our family and friends were there waiting! In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined such a romantic proposal. We will be getting married in April of 2020!

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Special Thanks

Ryan Rochford
 | Photographer