Lauren and Jeffrey

How We Met: Jeffrey and I met in 2002 through mutual friends. We were 13 & 14.

Later in 2004 we both found ourselves attending the same high school (Monsignor Pace High School). We had always “liked each other” but hadn’t made a move… until his senior prom! i remember it like yesterday, I had just started driving and was in my 1991 300 zx pearl white ( classic – but it always threw me back when I would try to accelerate ) needless to say I was still rolling in style ( cough cough ). I pulled in to a parking spot right next to Jeff; he opened the door with roses in hand and prepared a song to serenade me… Yea that didn’t happen even though it made the story more romantic haha. This was the 2000’s, instead he asked me to attend his senior prom with him.

And it all domino effects after that…

I’ll make it short and sweet – we shared out first kiss that night!

Afterwards we started “Talking & dating “(total high school lingo). Everything was going great but I always knew if I was going to end up with Jeffrey, I had to have some real life experiences and grow as my own person. Through this we both went on different paths but never lost contact. We would share exciting monumental moments (buying a house, getting a new car and heartbreaks) together. I could talk to him for hours about anything. He was my go-to when something would happen. He knew me better then I knew myself (I know this line is lame but it’s true).

Life continued to make its turns and tumbles..

Until one day (jan 2013).. Jeff and I were both finally in a great place in our lives and the timing was perfect. We decided to really give “Us” shot at it. What a shot it was! We grew up so much in the past two years learning from each other and growing together for good common goals. We have been living together since.

how they asked: Well let me just start off with the fact that HE REALLY DID GET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m that annoying friend who gives presents a week early because I can’t take the excitement. I had always envisioned I, of course would know when it was happening and I would be prepared (hair, nails perfect outfit). Well it didn’t happen quiet like that.

It was a regular busy week and we planned a usual date night date for Friday. I got ready as usual (wore white for no reason it just happened to be a new piece my mom bought me). We went to a new restaurant we had never been too (which probably was driving Jeff crazy since he’s a planner ) we found the best seats in the house, the food & drinks were beyond perfect and delicious.

We hooped in the car and began route home. I as usual started begging Jeff to take me to a food super market. I had a major sweet tooth and I wanted to make us brownies or cookies for desert. He continued to convince me “babe, let’s just go home, change clothes, call some friends and maybe go out later ” yea yea yea what I was in store for …

We pull up to the house, he gives me the leftover containers and I’m just busy scrolling through my instagram feed. We arrive to the door and as he unlocked it and swings it open. All I began to see was the candle reflection on the door. I STARTED FREAKING OUT!!! ( I said to myself let’s not say anything – maybe he just got me a dog lol ).

Image 1 of Lauren and Jeffrey

I started making my way through the roses, rose petals and candles and dropped my purse, he grabbed anything else I had in hand that was about to go down too ( because it was about to go downnnnn). I continued walking, shaking, crying, talking to myself until I finally reached our living room and in beautiful pink roses it read ” Will you marry me ? ” and then turned to him in complete tears and he is on one knee with the ring and box in hand ( I LITERALLY STARTED SCREAMING OMGOMGOMG ) yes!!! Yes of course!!!!!!

Image 2 of Lauren and Jeffrey

We cried, laughed and then cried some more until he asked me “hey do you want to see the ring?” lol I hadn’t even seen it. When he put on my ring (I haven’t gone skydiving but I’m pretty sure it’s the same feeling). Of course my next reaction is OMG do my parents know??

Image 3 of Lauren and Jeffrey

And Jeff begins to tell me about his day, how he had gone to my mother’s house at 8am to ask for my hand in marriage and wanted their blessing and he called my father at dinner before we left. I could have just dead that very moment it was so special. See my family is Cuban and news travels fast so he had to be very careful when and who to tell lol. Needless to say it was more than I could have ever imagined! Romantic, sentimental, traditional and a moment that was not recorded and is just for us to remember and cherish.

I adore my ring – I had never imagined a more perfect ring for myself and for us. I’m in heaven and I’m soaking in every moment of it!!!

I just wanted to write to Jeff – I loved my proposal, my ring and I’m so excited to plan our wedding but I’m truly just happy because its YOU!! you’re an amazing man who truly loves ME for me and thats what really matters!!! # JeffLoLoveStory

Image 4 of Lauren and Jeffrey

Thank you so much for all the congratulations and well wishes we have received!!!! Let the planning begin!!!

I will be blogging the entire process on my blog and my instagram @Lauren_pelaez

Image 5 of Lauren and Jeffrey