Lauren and Jeff

How We Met

We met in High-school, I actually dated one of his best friends my freshman year of high-school but I remember thinking Jeff was the cutest thing on earth. One night after having a get together at my then boyfriends house I (being a bad girlfriend) texted Jeff who wasn’t my boyfriend at the time telling him how cute he had looked that night. Safe to say me and my then boyfriend broke up. Jeff and I were then off and on all through high-school never really “dating” but always the phase before dating hanging out texting being close friends etc timing just was never right. That pattern followed us even after high school! A few years later both of us 21 going on 22 everything just clicked (finally) and from then on out it was all butterflies and love. Even though it took us a few (7) years to finally start dating it was really amazing to watch each other grow into the people we are today.

how they asked

We were planning a beach trip with my whole family to what to me is my second home, Emerald Isle,NC. I was so excited I have never been on a beach trip with a significant other ever! I couldn’t wait to show my boyfriend Jeff of 11 months all around my favorite little beach town! The first day we were there was beautiful! We were able to spend the whole day on the beach with family enjoying the sun and making memories! We went inside (our oceanfront PINK beach house) to get ready to go to dinner with the family (Mexican Food of course) I started to notice everyone was kind of acting weird real anxious. I asked Jeff to help me pick out an outfit to wear to dinner I picked out a simple T and shorts but he was dead set on us dressing up which I thought was so strange considering we were just going to a causal place.

Anyway we go eat with family (all dressed up) then head back to the house after where he then asked me to go for a walk on the beach and I thought sure why not I could walk off some of this food, we walked for awhile then turned around and headed back to the house.

We got back to the front of the house (which had a board walk on it) I had turned around to pick my shoes up and when I turned back around there he was on one knee!!! Once I said yes I looked up and my whole family grandparents and all were on the top porch of the house watching the whole thing happen and my son who is six clapping and saying EW as we kissed!

Lauren's Proposal in Emerald Isle NC

We then walked on to the porch and the sweetest song was playing and I was greeted by my whole family with hugs and so much love! (Safe to say I lost it at this point) not to mention my sweet fiancé also had a whole engagement basket waiting on me full of all sorts of goodies! I am so lucky to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend!

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