Lauren and Jason

Lauren and Jason's Engagement in Washington DC

How We Met

Jason and I met on Plenty of Fish back in June of 2014. We were talking via text for a few days. I was at my friend’s aunt’s house painting and we thought it would be funny to see if he would bring us food. Well little did we know he would drive from Simsbury to South Windsor with Chinese food for the both of us and stuck around and hung out. We clicked instantly. We talked more over text over the course of the week. While I was doing respite care for two individuals with special needs, he came and visited me and the ladies and made the time go by quite quickly. On one of the days, the ladies wanted to go to McDonald’s, however, i could not go out alone with 2 women in wheelchairs. So Jason being as sweet as he is, he brought them what they wanted from McDonald’s and we all sat and had lunch together. I thought that it was something special – and we made it official on Fourth of July.

how they asked

I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics and we were at our yearly Jump-start event in Washington DC. We were getting to wrap up the weekend and we just had a full day of training. While the women are in training, the men go on an excursion of their own. Jason was given the courage from the other W.I.L.D. Men that were there to propose to me in front of 150 women. Our National Sales Director called me up on stage and asked if I could tell everyone one thing that I loved about my man and how he is so supportive of me. Little did I know – she was actually going to hand the microphone over to Jason and the rest is history. I was such a magical moment because he has seen what MK has done for me and how much I have grown over my past two years in the business. I love that he did it in front of my “pink bubble” sisters. There was not a dry eye in the house.

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