Lauren and Jarred

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How We Met

It was the first day of my high school year of high school. My first class of the day was chemistry, and I was so nervous. Luckily I had a couple friends in my class so we all found a spot to sit together. Other kids started to walk in to class and all of a sudden one of my guy friends started cheering for and yelling about a kid who walked in. This kid has the most adorable and goofy smiles, and I just had to know who he was. Throughout the school year he did not seem as interested in me as my friends said he was. For my 16th birthday, we all decided to go ice skating together and Jarred came with us. I wanted to badly all night to ask him to the upcoming Winter Formal, but I was too afraid he would say no. As the night started to wrap up, he walked right up to me and asked me to the dance himself. I was exstatic! We dated for a few months but broke up over summer break. The next couple years of high school started out rough for us, but by the time we graduated he was my best friend. A couple weeks before we were supposed to start college, we were having a movie night like we always did and decided to watch the Notebook. Halfway through the movie we both turned and looked at each other and we kissed. We have been inseparable ever since…

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how they asked

Mahdi Gras has always been a huge deal to me and to my family. Having family from New Orleans, I have always loved going down to the Big Easy to celebrate with my family. I had already brought Jarred to New Orleans 3 times before, twice for Mardi Gras. This year we were so excited because we were bringing my brother Jackson and my best friend Jessie and her husband Matt, both had never been to the city before. The day we got there, I could not wait to show them the city that I love so much. Jarred kept wanting to go to specific places, but being the control freak I am, we HAD to take the route I had mapped out in my head. I insisted on showing them Bourbon Street during the day, as it gets pretty crazy at night time. Jarred would not walk next to me the entire time and just wanted to be with Matt and Jackson, which was so odd to me. Everyone kept talking about getting to St. Louis cathedral. Matt and Jessie even kept telling us how churches are there favorite things to see on vacations because they “just love the architecture!”. As soon as we got there Jessie suggested we take some pictures, so Matt and Jessie went first. Next up was Jarred and I. We smiled for some pictures, then Jarred said hold on one second, turned to me and got down on one knee. I will be honest with you, I can not remember what all he said, but I will forever remember the look on his face and the feeling I had in my heart. My best friend in the whole world wanted me to be his best friend for life, and he knew me so well that he wanted to ask me in my favorite place at my favorite time of year. As if Mardi Gras isn’t already a huge party, we had even more reason to celebrate all weekend long. It was a trip I will never forget.

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