Lauren and Jake

How We Met

Jake is two years older than me and he and I went to high school together. We would occasionally hang out with each other in the same friend circle. In 2008 I graduated and went off to college out of state, while he began working for the county fire department. Once in a while he would text me to see how everything was going and we would catch up. A few years later, I moved to Berkeley, Ca. to complete my doctorate degree in clinical psychology. One may afternoon I got a text from Jake and he was having a BBQ. Little did I know he threw it to have an excuse to ask me to come up and see each other- the first time since high school. We immediately hit it off and I had such a huge crush on him- he hadn’t changed much since high school! About a week later Jake called to let me know he was coming to the Bay Area and had an extra ticket for the Giants game and if I would like to join him. That was our official first date, and we have been together ever since.
Image 1 of Lauren and Jake

how they asked

Jake and I began dating officially on July 15, 2013. For the next two years we did a long-distance relationship because I had to continue my classes in Berkeley. I moved back home to Placerville, Ca. earlier this year in June and we had been talking about taking a summer vacation for a while. Some plans fell through and I just said “Jake lets just do a summer road trip down Highway 1 and see the coast. I would love that” he said sure! Little did I know he had much bigger things up his sleeve. June came around, I moved home and our trip was just around the corner in mid July. The night before we left Jake told me he had a surprise and that we need to leave the house no later than 4am. Me being the “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” to his “I have everything planned” said, gladly! However, once we left I knew we were not going the right way to Highway 1. We got to the closest airport and I thought he was just pulling one over on me. He got a parking pass and said “fix your luggage cause we’re getting on a plane!” I about died! I thought this was the best surprise ever. 5 hours later we arrived in Maui, Hawaii. The room was to die for, and I was amazed at the thought he put into getting us there. I was ready for a week of exploring and relaxation! Later that night he said I have one last surprise, but we have to get up at 2am and the next day was our 2 year anniversary. Shockingly, I still thought nothing of it. We were both so tired from a day of traveling and non-stop excitement that we woke up an hour late and were rushing to get out of the hotel. We drove for about an hour and were winding up a huge hillside when we hit dead stop traffic. I sleepily asked Jake “Is this going to mess up any plans” and he calmly replied “no, not at all” (while internally freaking out). We made it to the top of the Haleakala volcano with about 10 minutes to spare before sunrise. We walked to the top and (shhh don’t tell anyone) trespassed a tiny bit. We were on the edge of the volcano with our feet dangling over and you would have never known there were over 200 other people around us. It was silent, we couldn’t see or hear anyone else. It was just the two of us. As the sun was rising and we were taking it all in, he turned to me and said “I want to spend every sunrise with you for the rest of my life. Lauren will you marry me?” and I immediately started crying. I was utterly shocked and speechless. I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

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