Lauren and Jaime

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How We Met

Jaime was new to our school during our junior year of high school. Me, being the musical theater major, bubbly, outgoing person I am, wrote him a note, welcoming him to our school and told him that if he had any questions, to let me know. Him, being the introverted and shy person he is, read it, looked at me petrified, and didn’t address me for weeks. Quickly, he became friends with my friend group, and we started hanging out together, casually.

We graduated high school and remained friends even though I moved out of town to go to college. Flash forward five years later, we still kept in contact through social media (shout out to Snapchat) and I told him I was coming home for winter break. He asked if I wanted to catch up, and while I was more nervous than ever, the night I agreed, we spent hours together. We ended up staying out till 5 am. I knew at that moment that there was something special about this man, and the chemistry we had. We had our first official date a week later, on New Year’s Eve, and since that day we’ve been inseparable. We are complete opposites, and while that might not work for everyone, it works for us. We balance each other out in the best ways. In areas I’m lacking, he’s an expert and vice-versa.

We now have addressed the fact that we had crushes on each other in high school, but we were each too shy to admit that then. I don’t regret anything though, because our journey, with our timeline, has led us to find a forever within each other.

How They Asked

Jaime and I planned a trip with his family to travel through Europe during my spring break. (I am a teacher)

There was a big hiccup in our plans when Jaime’s passport got lost in the mail a week before our trip. The night before we planned to leave, we were dealing with the reality that I’d be going on this vacation with his family, without him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Swiss Alps, Switzerland

I flew to London with his mom and sister, and to turn a very long story short, he was able to meet us in Paris two days later. His mom had a friend who lived in Switzerland, which is where we found ourself a few days later, completely unplanned. It was by far the most beautiful and magical place I had ever been, and to top it off, this is where Jaime popped the question.

Lauren and Jaime's Engagement in Swiss Alps, Switzerland

The fact that he was even able to go on this trip with us was a blessing. We also happened to be in the most gorgeous place I had laid my eyes on, and the man of my dreams asked me to marry him here. You could say it was nothing short of a fairytale.

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