Lauren and Jacob

How We Met

We met our freshman year of college in Redding, CA. During orientation, his ultimate frisbee team needed one more person. Naturally, knowing nothing about ultimate frisbee, I volunteered because he was cute. We got to talking and have been together ever since!

Image 1 of Lauren and Jacob

how they asked

Jacob woke up at 3am, got on a 6am flight from California to Washington, and surprised me at my front door by 9am. He had arranged for my best friend and I to get together at 9 so I’d be up and around. He even got my shift covered at work for the day! The next day, after dinner, he took me up to the the rural, countryside mountains in to watch the sunset. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! Immediately after, my two best friends ran out from the bushes and we had a little photoshoot with the sunsetting in the background! It was absolutely perfect!

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Image 3 of Lauren and Jacob

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Special Thanks

Taylor Lapinski
 | Lapinski Photography