Lauren and Jack

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

Jack and I grew up across the road from each other in Orlando, Florida but we didn’t cross paths until our freshman year of high school. Jack was the star of the water polo team and we eventually were both captains of our swim team. I always had the BIGGEST crush on Jack. Just about everyone around me was tired of hearing me go on and on about how wonderful I thought he was. Not all happy endings have a happy beginning. Jack lost his mother when he was in middle school and on the week of our first date, my father passed away from leukemia. Through lots of highs and lows, we decided to be in a long distance relationship while Jack was attending the Naval Academy. He got his first station in San Diego and we drove across the country together that year.

How They Asked

Jack planned out a whole trip to Hawaii where I wasn’t allowed to know any of the details. Our first stop was Maui and after two wonderful days exploring the island, Jack packed up the Jeep to go to the Iron Beach. The closer we got the more butterflies filled my stomach. Soon we were walking along the boardwalk when we stopped at a patch of volcanic rock over the water. Jack bent down one one knee there and asked me to marry him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

It was so surreal to say yes to the boy, now a man, that I’ve loved for so long. After calling just about everyone in my contact list Jack surprised me with reservations at Merriman’s and it was the most romantic dinner I’ve ever had. On the drive back to our place for the night, we listened to a playlist Jack had made for us and I cried happy tears the whole way home. Sometimes dark beginnings do have happy endings.

Special Thanks

Hannah Mcfall
 | Photographer